Pupils’ mental health knowledge

First, the main causes of psychological barriers in primary school students

The psychological problems of primary school students, both self-growth factors and external environmental factors, are the result of the combined effects of “internal factors” and “external causes”. There are mainly the following reasons:


  1. The imbalance between physical and mental growth.

The physical development of pupils changed dramatically during elementary school. They were experienced, lack of knowledge and experience, and their knowledge, understanding, thinking, and affection were far behind adults. This imbalance between physiological development and psychological development causes many confusion, troubles, and restlessness in primary school students, which causes psychological problems.

  1. Misunderstandings in family education.

Excessive love and high expectations make family education generally have a tendency to ignore social education such as moral development, personality education, practical ability, and social responsibility. Parents only pay attention to their children’s examinations and further studies, but they do not pay attention to children’s moral development, communication skills, personality training and the cultivation of social behavior norms. When the high expectations of parents are inconsistent with the children’s own needs, they always impose their own wishes on the child’s wishful thinking, which will make the teenager feel depressed and dissatisfied, causing …

Self-defense and mental health

The strength of the defense mechanism is equal to the strength of personality
Sometimes you can stimulate some patients and see how strong the personality is. If you are a little irritating, he admits that the defense of this person is too weak.
Sometimes you can use a little skill to strengthen the patient’s defense. For example, the therapist is obviously wrong. What do you think should be done? The first way is to admit mistakes. The second way is that when you have a good relationship with the patient, you made a mistake and died without admitting it. This teaches him that sometimes I can not attack myself. Your behavior is to set an example, that is, what if I don’t admit it? But this must be done in a good relationship. This should be applied cautiously.
Using an immature defense mechanism may fail.
The mature defense mechanism is good because it can withstand toss.
Some people divide people into type A personality type B personality, etc. This kind of classification is too simple, and it is easy to flow labeling. The defense mechanism is fluid, not static, but flexible.
Super impedance
Some people come from me to punish …

Lameness increases health risks

In daily life, most people are used to lame. This is not only a beautiful posture but also a long time and a lot of health risks. Follow me to see what harm it has!

The knee joint maintains a distorted state for a long time, which increases the pressure of the internal structure of the knee joint, increases the nutritional barrier and wear of the cartilage, and increases the osteoarthritis of the elderly who have different degrees of degeneration of the cartilage structure. risk.

Especially in patients with joint pain, it is necessary to avoid bending and twisting the joints.

Damage to the back muscles and spine

When people pick up their legs, they tend to bend over and hunch, causing uneven distribution of pressure in the lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, and spine.

At this time, the pelvis will drive the spine to rotate, causing the muscles to stretch, resulting in the massive imbalance of the soft tissues on the left and right sides of the spine. Over time, it is easy to bring back muscle fatigue, soreness, and even may cause the spine to twist or bend.

Aggravated varicose veins

When you rub your legs, the veins in …

How do we carry out mental health activities?

Modern people are paying more and more attention to their physical health. However, mental health is a problem that many friends will ignore. “Tune the vitality, raise the Taihe” Chinese medicine believes that Taihe is the highest state of health. A healthy body and a lack of mental health can cause many problems. Studies have shown that there is an inherent correlation between human psychological activities and the physiological functions of the human body. If you are in a good emotional state, you can make your physiological function at its best. On the contrary, it will reduce or destroy this function, not only affecting work and life but also leading to various diseases. In cities with high rhythm and pressure, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the proportion of hypertension is much larger than other cities.

Mental health is the source of happiness. Only those who have a sunny mind can actively face the various puzzles of life in order to deal with the darkness and sadness in life. Everyone in life encounters various levels of frustration and disappointment, but the results are different. As Napoleon Hill said, “A person’s life is like a trip. There are countless bumps and muds …

The importance and necessity of carrying out mental health education

In recent years, due to various changes brought about by social development, the school education and children’s development in China have been impacted and challenged. According to the survey, among the students in China, about one-fifth of the students have different levels of psychological behavior problems, such as tiredness, truancy, theft, lying, cheating, selfishness, self-willedness, poor resistance, attacks, withdrawal, various explicit and implicit psychological behavior problems such as anxiety and depression. These psychological behavior problems not only seriously affect the healthy development of students, but also directly affect the completion of school education tasks and the realization of educational goals. With the advancement of society, people’s understanding of health has become more comprehensive and in-depth, and mental health beyond physical health has become more and more important. Mentally healthy people can always maintain a happy, cheerful, confident, satisfying mood, be good at seeking fun from life, and full of hope for life. More importantly, it has good emotional stability, strong will quality, harmonious interpersonal relationship, active adaptation and transformation of the environment, maintaining the integrity and health of personality, and psychological behavior in line with age characteristics. A person’s psychological behavior often deviates from his age characteristics and is generally …

How do we cultivate the mental health of college students?

The main characteristics of the new situation in the current era revolve around the theme of “knowledge economy”. Under the ever-changing society, college students have begun to receive psychological pressure from society, family, and career. Psychology believes that the moderate pressure of the individual can keep people’s consciousness of competition and promote the development of things. In other words, improper psychological pressure will hinder the development of things. Therefore, in order to help college students to devote themselves to the great wave of reform and opening up after graduation, colleges and universities need to pay more attention to finding efficient and scientific ways to help college students strengthen their psychological quality.

The traditional forms of education in colleges and universities generally focus on the teaching of professional courses. The main goal is to complete the teaching tasks, rather than focusing on the long-term development of students. Some colleges and universities still teach professional courses in the development of teaching plans under the new situation, but they do not care about the development of students in the rest of the field. Especially in the field of mental health education, although many colleges and universities responded to the call of the state …

The technology makes life easier for the blind

For the blind, self-care is very important. Real life is not so optimistic. However, the rapid development of science and technology not only brings about the improvement of the quality of life for normal people but also brings a more convenient life to the blind.

Eat: a piece of software to cook food

A company in Shenzhen has launched their latest research achievement, the intelligent cooking pot. This product is specially designed for the blind. “Blind friends only need to use smartphones to select dishes, and put the ingredients and spices into the pot once, and wait for ten minutes to enjoy the food.” Originally, in order to facilitate the blind people to cook, the company not only developed a smart pot that “doesn’t touch, doesn’t paste and doesn’t overflow” and can be automatically stir-fried. At the same time, it also developed a matching smart APP (application software) system, as long as the mobile phone is installed with this app, you can control the smart pot to make the food you want. The software collects cooking data and configures the cooking data that has been tested several times according to the properties of the ingredients, which fully guarantees the delicacy of the meals. And big data also includes …

How do we maintain mental health?

There are many newspapers and online articles about taking care of your body and staying healthy. However, it is equally important how you take care of your mental health. For many people, the consequences of improving mental health are more painful and frustrating than physical health. There is also good evidence that your mental health will affect your health, and the reverse is the same. There are so many things that are unsatisfactory in life, and these unsatisfactory things are always unavoidable. If you can’t alleviate these things, it is easy to cause psychological imbalance. If it is serious, it will affect both physically and mentally.

  1. Know yourself, accept yourself, be kind to yourself

Life isn’t perfect, excessive pursuit of perfection will only hurt you. Many people with psychological problems are often very passionate about life. But love is too much, it becomes a demanding perfection, obviously, beyond your own conditions or social common sense, that is morbid, all kinds of annoyances and bad emotions will be born. Including anxiety, this time always feels at a loss for his position in the world, no confidence, no courage, no wisdom, no idea how to decide. Inferiority is the most fundamental cause …

How do we help the blind to live independently?

It has been proven that both normal and visually impaired people may make some blind people dependent. Rickman and Blaylock conducted a survey of the blind in 1983, asking these blind people to point out how normal people treat blind people in order to reduce their dependence.

Respect and encourage the personality, ability, and independence of the blind

Don’t do anything for them because you are more convenient than the blind or doing things quickly. Blind people often don’t need help. Before you help them do something, ask “Do you need me to help?” If the blind person declines your help, don’t feel embarrassed. Caregivers should not be too worried or overprotected by blind people. They also have the right to make mistakes. Like normal people, blind people also have their own personality traits and respect their individuality. We can conduct a corresponding pre-vocational education for the blind, but we need to pay attention to some issues.

  • Pre-service education design and layout principles
  • From childhood, cultivate the confidence, responsibility, and quality of thinking of the blind.
  • Pay attention to the knowledge of life and practicality (not talking or discussing in class).
  • What you learn at school should be practical at home (such as watering, washing dishes,

How can we get along with the blind?

Blindness is a very painful and serious thing for anyone. However, we can see that many blind friends live their lives in their own lives. Even, they made a lot of things that normal people can’t do. Although such things give us the feeling that they are very strong, we also need to pay attention when we get along with them. How do you get along with the blind in life? What are the things to pay attention to when they get along with them?

  • Non-existent psychology

  1. The mercy

Vision disabled people “live in the darkness” The loss of access to environmental information and the loss of effective control of the environment, the inconvenience of visually impaired persons with disabilities, the hardships of life, and job hunting is very difficult. This makes the visually impaired, a socially disadvantaged group, more likely to be pity and concern by other persons. In fact, the compassion for the visually handicapped is to understand, care and help them. But only pity is not enough. People with visual disabilities who are as equal as ordinary people are eager to be respected, understood, cared for and helped. Because the education of the blind, especially the early …