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How do we cultivate the mental health of college students?

The main characteristics of the new situation in the current era revolve around the theme of “knowledge economy”. Under the ever-changing society, college students have begun to receive psychological pressure from society, family, and career. Psychology believes that the moderate pressure of the individual can keep people’s consciousness of competition and promote the development of things. In other words, improper psychological pressure will hinder the development of things. Therefore, in order to help college students to devote themselves to the great wave of reform and opening up after graduation, colleges and universities need to pay more attention to finding efficient and scientific ways to help college students strengthen their psychological quality.

The traditional forms of education in colleges and universities generally focus on the teaching of professional courses. The main goal is to complete the teaching tasks, rather than focusing on the long-term development of students. Some colleges and universities still teach professional courses in the development of teaching plans under the new situation, but they do not care about the development of students in the rest of the field. Especially in the field of mental health education, although many colleges and universities responded to the call of the state …