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Self-defense and mental health

The strength of the defense mechanism is equal to the strength of personality
Sometimes you can stimulate some patients and see how strong the personality is. If you are a little irritating, he admits that the defense of this person is too weak.
Sometimes you can use a little skill to strengthen the patient’s defense. For example, the therapist is obviously wrong. What do you think should be done? The first way is to admit mistakes. The second way is that when you have a good relationship with the patient, you made a mistake and died without admitting it. This teaches him that sometimes I can not attack myself. Your behavior is to set an example, that is, what if I don’t admit it? But this must be done in a good relationship. This should be applied cautiously.
Using an immature defense mechanism may fail.
The mature defense mechanism is good because it can withstand toss.
Some people divide people into type A personality type B personality, etc. This kind of classification is too simple, and it is easy to flow labeling. The defense mechanism is fluid, not static, but flexible.
Super impedance
Some people come from me to punish …