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Pupils’ mental health knowledge

First, the main causes of psychological barriers in primary school students

The psychological problems of primary school students, both self-growth factors and external environmental factors, are the result of the combined effects of “internal factors” and “external causes”. There are mainly the following reasons:


  1. The imbalance between physical and mental growth.

The physical development of pupils changed dramatically during elementary school. They were experienced, lack of knowledge and experience, and their knowledge, understanding, thinking, and affection were far behind adults. This imbalance between physiological development and psychological development causes many confusion, troubles, and restlessness in primary school students, which causes psychological problems.

  1. Misunderstandings in family education.

Excessive love and high expectations make family education generally have a tendency to ignore social education such as moral development, personality education, practical ability, and social responsibility. Parents only pay attention to their children’s examinations and further studies, but they do not pay attention to children’s moral development, communication skills, personality training and the cultivation of social behavior norms. When the high expectations of parents are inconsistent with the children’s own needs, they always impose their own wishes on the child’s wishful thinking, which will make the teenager feel depressed and dissatisfied, causing …