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How do we help the blind to live independently?

It has been proven that both normal and visually impaired people may make some blind people dependent. Rickman and Blaylock conducted a survey of the blind in 1983, asking these blind people to point out how normal people treat blind people in order to reduce their dependence.

Respect and encourage the personality, ability, and independence of the blind

Don’t do anything for them because you are more convenient than the blind or doing things quickly. Blind people often don’t need help. Before you help them do something, ask “Do you need me to help?” If the blind person declines your help, don’t feel embarrassed. Caregivers should not be too worried or overprotected by blind people. They also have the right to make mistakes. Like normal people, blind people also have their own personality traits and respect their individuality. We can conduct a corresponding pre-vocational education for the blind, but we need to pay attention to some issues.

  • Pre-service education design and layout principles
  • From childhood, cultivate the confidence, responsibility, and quality of thinking of the blind.
  • Pay attention to the knowledge of life and practicality (not talking or discussing in class).
  • What you learn at school should be practical at home (such as watering, washing dishes,