How do we carry out mental health activities?

Modern people are paying more and more attention to their physical health. However, mental health is a problem that many friends will ignore. “Tune the vitality, raise the Taihe” Chinese medicine believes that Taihe is the highest state of health. A healthy body and a lack of mental health can cause many problems. Studies have shown that there is an inherent correlation between human psychological activities and the physiological functions of the human body. If you are in a good emotional state, you can make your physiological function at its best. On the contrary, it will reduce or destroy this function, not only affecting work and life but also leading to various diseases. In cities with high rhythm and pressure, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the proportion of hypertension is much larger than other cities.

Mental health is the source of happiness. Only those who have a sunny mind can actively face the various puzzles of life in order to deal with the darkness and sadness in life. Everyone in life encounters various levels of frustration and disappointment, but the results are different. As Napoleon Hill said, “A person’s life is like a trip. There are countless bumps and muds along the way, but there are also spring flowers that can’t be finished. If our heart is always covered by the dusty dust, dry up the heart, dim the eye, lose the vitality, lose the fighting spirit, can our life be beautiful?”

So how do you develop mental health education?

  1. The need to comprehensively carry out mental health promotion and education:Comprehensive and extensive mental health education and awakening from the perspectives of child development psychology, sexual psychology, school education psychology, career planning psychology, social psychology, workplace psychology, marriage and love psychology, interpersonal psychology, crisis psychology, etc., In turn, the psychological awareness and psychological abnormality of the whole people are improved, instead of waiting for the child to leave the society or commit suicide before paying attention to save.
  2. Actively promote psychological counseling and psychotherapy services – promote the advance intervention of psychological counseling and psychotherapy, and pre-position to the level of problem discovery.Encourage the whole people to use psychological counseling and psychotherapy, so that the whole people realize that psychological problems can be easily consulted, treated, and reimbursed for social medical insurance.
  3. Pay attention to psychological crisis intervention and psychological assistance work–establish and improve mental health education training, psychological hotline service, psychological assessment, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, etc., and carry out the psychological crisis intervention and psychological assistance service mode. Pay attention to and play the role of social organizations and psychologists.Psychological crisis intervention and psychological assistance will be included in various emergency response plans and technical programs, and the professional and systematic construction of psychological crisis intervention and aid teams will be strengthened, and training and drills will be conducted regularly.
  4. Strengthen mental health services for key populations – including but not limited to the following:
  • Universally develop mental health services for the professional population (EAP-Employee Psychological Safety and Harmonious Organization Construction Service)
  • Comprehensively strengthen mental health education for children and adolescents (SAP-School Teacher and Student Psychological Assistance Service)
  • Focus on the mental health of the elderly, women, children and the disabled (CAP-Harmony Community Psychological Assistance Service)
  • Pay attention to the mental health services of special populations – all local governments, public security, judicial administration, civil affairs, health and family planning departments should pay close attention to vagrants and beggars, prisoners, prisoners, compulsory isolation drug abusers, community corrections personnel, social drug abusers, It is easy to worry about the mental health of special people such as patients with severe mental disorders.
  • Strengthen the services of patients with severe mental disorders – establish and improve the community rehabilitation service system for mental disorders, vigorously promote the “social, comprehensive, open” mental disorder rehabilitation model, and do an effective connection between medical rehabilitation and community rehabilitation.

  1. Establish and improve the mental health service system
  • Establish and improve the mental health service network of all departments and industries – all levels of institutions and enterprises rely on their own trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, the human resources department, the health office (or family planning office), and generally establish a mental health counseling room to cultivate mental health services. The backbone team is equipped with special (part-time) mental health counselors.
  • Establish a grassroots mental health service platform. Mental health services are an important part of urban and rural community services, relying on urban and rural community comprehensive service facilities or grassroots comprehensive treatment centers to establish psychological counseling (counseling) rooms or social studios (stations), equipped with psychological counselors or social workers, and coordinate organization volunteers. Conduct mental health education and psychological counseling for community residents.
  • Strengthen the training of mental health professionals.The education department should increase the training of applied mental health professionals, improve the discipline construction of clinical and consulting psychology, applied psychology and other related disciplines, and gradually form a mental health professional training combination of academic education, post-graduate education, and continuing education
  • Strengthen the management of standards.The human resources and social security department is responsible for the standardized management of the professional qualifications of psychological counselors. The industry and commerce department shall, in accordance with the relevant competent authorities, revoke the business license in accordance with the law for the institutions that engage in psychological counseling and psychotherapy without permission. The Chinese medicine administration department is responsible for guiding the Chinese medical institutions to do a good job in mental health services. The trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, the Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Office of Aging and other organizations are responsible for the mental health services of occupational groups and children, adolescents, women, the disabled, the elderly and other specific work targets.
  1. Vigorously cultivate socialized mental health service institutions:Relevant government departments at all levels should actively support the cultivation of specialized and standardized psychological counseling and counseling institutions, and provide psychology to various organs, enterprises and institutions, other employers, grassroots organizations and community masses through the purchase of services of social psychology institutions. Consulting services, gradually expanding.

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