How do we cultivate the mental health of college students?

The main characteristics of the new situation in the current era revolve around the theme of “knowledge economy”. Under the ever-changing society, college students have begun to receive psychological pressure from society, family, and career. Psychology believes that the moderate pressure of the individual can keep people’s consciousness of competition and promote the development of things. In other words, improper psychological pressure will hinder the development of things. Therefore, in order to help college students to devote themselves to the great wave of reform and opening up after graduation, colleges and universities need to pay more attention to finding efficient and scientific ways to help college students strengthen their psychological quality.

The traditional forms of education in colleges and universities generally focus on the teaching of professional courses. The main goal is to complete the teaching tasks, rather than focusing on the long-term development of students. Some colleges and universities still teach professional courses in the development of teaching plans under the new situation, but they do not care about the development of students in the rest of the field. Especially in the field of mental health education, although many colleges and universities responded to the call of the state to establish a counseling room, they did not play their due role. Not to mention that some colleges and universities are still in the blank of student mental health education. Under the new situation, new requirements are put forward for how to strengthen the construction of mental health education for college students. Therefore, it is imperative for colleges and universities to reform education in this area:

  1. Universities need to further implement the mental health education reform plan

The mental health education of college students is a long-term, systematic and scientific project. To ensure the implementation of this century’s project, the school needs to unite all parties to carry out comprehensive deployment. First of all, colleges and universities need to make a scientific assessment of the progress of mental health education in the school. After mastering the basic situation, combined with the plan of strengthening the mental health education of college students in the new period launched by the state, the development plan has been further revised to find a road with its own development characteristics. Secondly, the school needs to establish a basic mental health organization management organization, and fully guarantee the implementation and promotion of health education in the school on the basis of forming a strict operational network. Third, colleges and universities need to make full use of human, material and financial resources to support the development of mental health education, actively connect with social organizations and institutions, and provide students with opportunities for internship training in order to help students achieve adequate psychological training ready. Therefore, as a school, it is necessary not only to grasp the general direction and fundamental goal of the reform of mental health education for the entire university students. More importantly, it is necessary to fully connect with society and create an environment that integrates into society as early as possible. In the specific practice process, psychological education is comprehensively strengthened to help students develop a strong personality and improve their overall development.

  1. Strengthening the construction of teachers’ team for mental health professionals in colleges and universities

Under the new situation, the reform of mental health education mainly relies on the administrative management of the school, while the professional teachers of psychological education are the main practitioners and leaders of the reform. Therefore, teachers engaged in psychological professional education need to constantly improve their own theoretical knowledge in the daily teaching life, and at the same time combine the actual cases encountered to help the healthy development of college students. On the other hand, teachers should pay special attention to the concept of “people-oriented” throughout the teaching process, and carefully enter the emotional life of students, so that “think what students think and what students want”, so that students can feel professional at all times. Let students feel the importance of professional teachers to themselves all the time.

  1. Encourage and guide students to self-reinforce and learn mental health

College students are not only the research object but also the main participants in the mental health education work of colleges and universities. Only by analyzing the current situation of college students’ psychological activities can they contribute to the mental health education of colleges and universities. For example, in the specific measures to strengthen college students’ mental health education, colleges and universities can start with the system of mental health education, supplemented by “hospitality” activities such as holding mental health lectures and conducting psychological training. In this way, it not only helps students to have an interest in the psychological curriculum but also helps them to master specific methods of psychological relaxation and adjustment. Therefore, through these measures, students are actively involved in the psychological curriculum, motivating students to be responsible for their own mental health, and helping students to train themselves to become qualified personnel with good psychological quality in the new century, in order to adapt to future changes and developments. And change.

The summary:

To sum up, in order to further implement the strategy of “rejuvenating the country through science and education” and “strengthening the country with talents” put forward in China’s socialist market economy construction, in the new era, more demands are placed on strengthening the psychological quality education of Chinese college students. In view of the characteristics of college students’ psychological development under the new situation, the focus of strengthening college students’ psychological education is mainly on cultivating students’ perseverance, inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of hard struggle and further strengthening the patriotism and national self-esteem of college students. Although in the actual development process, college educators in China have been looking for new breakthroughs, there are still many aspects that need to be further attracted to the attention of teachers of psychological education. Under the premise of rapid development in the era of the world economy, only by strengthening the sharp quality education of college students can we improve the psychological quality of college students in China so as to help them better integrate into society and enhance their international competitiveness in the future.

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