How do we maintain mental health?

There are many newspapers and online articles about taking care of your body and staying healthy. However, it is equally important how you take care of your mental health. For many people, the consequences of improving mental health are more painful and frustrating than physical health. There is also good evidence that your mental health will affect your health, and the reverse is the same. There are so many things that are unsatisfactory in life, and these unsatisfactory things are always unavoidable. If you can’t alleviate these things, it is easy to cause psychological imbalance. If it is serious, it will affect both physically and mentally.

  1. Know yourself, accept yourself, be kind to yourself

Life isn’t perfect, excessive pursuit of perfection will only hurt you. Many people with psychological problems are often very passionate about life. But love is too much, it becomes a demanding perfection, obviously, beyond your own conditions or social common sense, that is morbid, all kinds of annoyances and bad emotions will be born. Including anxiety, this time always feels at a loss for his position in the world, no confidence, no courage, no wisdom, no idea how to decide. Inferiority is the most fundamental cause of psychological problems. If people are not confident, they will feel insecure and fear. Those who are self-esteeming and self-confident are often aware of themselves but treat themselves in a distorted form, don’t accept themselves, torture themselves, and eventually ruin themselves. A person doesn’t have the confidence to be himself, he isn’t interested in accepting himself, he only knows how to look at the faces of people around him, and his soul is generally out of the shell. A realistic self and the imaginary self has become divided, living in the world of others all day, let others decide their own lives, then, they will lose themselves and can’t find the joy of life. Even if everyone in the world abandons you, don’t abandon yourself. Only if you don’t give up, there will be hope. To learn to love yourself, you don’t even love yourself, then, no one will love you.

  1. Facing reality, dare to accept, adapt to the environment

Being is reasonable. We must learn to appreciate and enjoy the material world that you can see and feel. Don’t spend too much energy on the spiritual world. Facing reality is a sign that a person is immature. When we are in a harsh environment, we can only do our best to change it and adapt to it. If you evade it, you will blame yourself, it will only hurt yourself. Suffering is a stone that can trip a person or become a stepping stone for a person to climb up. Many excellent healthy people, they understand the dark side of the world, but they have more reasons to turn their eyes to bright places, to gain peace and joy. People with mental health, are they born to be smarter and stronger than others? I don’t think it’s all right. Whose hearts will experience hardships and setbacks, but they have a good attitude, they don’t exaggerate the disaster, they don’t turn a blind eye, they just right, they try to turn bad things into good things. In life, you have encountered a disaster. Only by accepting it will not be so painful. Only by accepting it, you have the mind to change it, blind regrets and complaints will only make the problem more and more complicated, and you will be hurt more and more.

  1. Have a friend, be good at venting, be good with others

The negative emotion is the same as the computer virus, it should be vented and cleaned up in time. In reality, you can have few friends, but at least you must have a close friend, trust each other, talk about nothing, he can share your happiness and share your pain. When you are upset, you can find him and vent your grief in time to avoid a backlog. Be good at excluding bad emotions. When you are upset, don’t bury bad things in your heart. Tell others about your troubles. You can also vent through long-distance running, mountain climbing and other physical exercises to eliminate negative emotions and then stay happy. Develop good habits, help others, let yourself be in a good state of mind, think more about others, do more good things, you can make your heart and mind satisfied. A little more grateful heart, don’t spend all your energy on hatred, it’s not worth it. If you want to understand a lot of injuries, you won’t be so worried. Everyone will always suffer some misunderstandings and injuries, contempt and deception. As long as it is not particularly excessive, you don’t have to worry too much, because negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, panic, etc., if not vented in time, these injuries are very harmful to people. Some people are angry while they are treating, while seeking to resolve and worrying about them, this is a vicious circle.

  1. Work hard, have a wide range of hobbies, learn to relax

The greatest significance of work is not only the guarantee of material life but also the personal value and a sense of accomplishment. People can’t always be idle. If they don’t do everything all day and are extremely bored, then the mind will definitely have problems. Keep your emotions optimistic, love life, love work, be good at finding the fun in your work, and create your own life value in progress. On the other hand, the pace of modern life is tight and the work is busy. Many people’s nervous emotions are not alleviated. Therefore, when you work, you must learn to relax and arrange leisure time, such as outings, gatherings, etc. These activities can enrich your life. People must have a hobby. When your emotions fluctuate, you should transfer this emotion to other activities. Go all out and do something you like to do, such as dancing, singing, swimming, climbing, playing, etc., so that you can transfer and replace your feelings of depression, trouble, anger, sorrow, anxiety, etc.

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