Lameness increases health risks

In daily life, most people are used to lame. This is not only a beautiful posture but also a long time and a lot of health risks. Follow me to see what harm it has!

The knee joint maintains a distorted state for a long time, which increases the pressure of the internal structure of the knee joint, increases the nutritional barrier and wear of the cartilage, and increases the osteoarthritis of the elderly who have different degrees of degeneration of the cartilage structure. risk.

Especially in patients with joint pain, it is necessary to avoid bending and twisting the joints.

Damage to the back muscles and spine

When people pick up their legs, they tend to bend over and hunch, causing uneven distribution of pressure in the lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, and spine.

At this time, the pelvis will drive the spine to rotate, causing the muscles to stretch, resulting in the massive imbalance of the soft tissues on the left and right sides of the spine. Over time, it is easy to bring back muscle fatigue, soreness, and even may cause the spine to twist or bend.

Aggravated varicose veins

When you rub your legs, the veins in the back and armpits of the legs are pressed, the venous return is blocked, and the venous pressure is increased. These are the hidden dangers of varicose veins in the lower extremities.

Although the main cause of varicose veins is heredity, obesity, age, etc., patients with varicose veins or edema of the lower extremities should not rub their legs to avoid aggravating symptoms.

Causing lower extremity thrombosis

Smokers, patients with atrial fibrillation, diabetes, etc., should avoid lameness. This is because leggings can cause poor blood flow to the lower extremities and may cause lower extremity thrombosis.

The above-mentioned diseases occur immediately without a lame, but the cumulative impact on health. Therefore, try not to kick your legs. I can’t help it, remember two principles.

No more than 15 minutes

The time of each leg should not be too long, it is best not to exceed 15 minutes.

Always up to the event

You should pay attention to the alternating legs and try not to lean to one side for a long time. Moreover, every hour of sitting, get up and exercise for 5 minutes.

Tip: If you can’t complete the lame movement, you may have “gluteal muscle contracture”, you must seek medical advice in time.

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