Little knowledge about the life of the blind

Self-care is a very easy thing for a normal person, but it is a bit difficult for the blind. Because blind people can’t see, they will hit things and hurt themselves. If they can’t find what they want, their mood will become irritable. They can’t find the right direction, they will get lost when they go out. There is no way to find a job, and it is a problem to support their own.

Self-care refers to the ability of people to take care of themselves in their lives. It doesn’t just mean dealing with everyday life trivia, such as simply dressing, cooking, eating, etc. It also includes the ability to properly handle interpersonal relationships, to withstand all kinds of stress, and to be able to think and understand independently in learning. The same thing, blind people are much harder to do than normal people. Therefore, as a blind person, if you want to do something well, you should work harder than others to catch up with normal people or surpass normal people. Most of the lives of the blind are based on tactile, auditory and other ancillary tools such as crutches, guide dogs and the like.

  • Congenital blind people
  1. If he is a congenitally blind person, then parents should raise their children from childhood, give him everything they can touch, and tell him what it is,he will form a cognitive system in his heart. Because they can’t see, their touch and hearing are generally sensitive. They can be taught to distinguish what they are exposed to in their daily lives. The ability to accept new things when they are young is very strong.
  2. When he was a child, he could be sent to a school for the blindschool, a systematic learning knowledge. At present, there are many schools for the blind in China. This requires parents to choose a suitable school for their children so that children can learn independently things that they are concerned. This makes the thoughts of the blind children slowly active, improved, and more accepting new things from the outside world.
  3. Parents should encourage him more and let him dare to contact outsiders.Don’t think that you are a blind person and feel inferior, telling him that you can do better through hard work. Pay attention to guiding your child’s healthy thoughts and attitudes towards life and maintaining a positive mental state. Laughter people aren’t bad luck, and optimistic people are more likely to be accepted by others.
  4. Because they have had systematic training since childhood, they can take care of life trivia, external interpersonal relationships, and study and thinking.Then they can also try to do their own work, such as massage, psychological counseling, writers, lawyers, etc. As long as you have the confidence to do one thing well, then you will be as comfortable as you are when you are proficient.

  • Congenital blind person
  1. For example, people who are blinded by certain diseases and blinded by accidents such as car accidents,the first thing they have to do is to adjust their mentality. After all, it is a world that has entered the darkness from the light. There must be a big gap, and the heart can’t accept it for a while. So be sure to adjust your mindset and think about the world you have seen before, and you are more fortunate than the blind people born. Maintain a positive attitude and believe that you can do it well.
  2. Everything suddenly changes from normal to strange, don’t worry, take your time, learn to adapt to the darkness little by little,after all, I have seen contact before, so re-contact is just a process of keeping in mind. Remember the look of the clothes, remember the furnishings, remember the distance in the way, learn to see the world with your ears. If the previous work isn’t suitable, you can relearn the craft and start again.
  3. Real life self-care ability is not strong, you can hire a babysitter to take care of your life.The service industry is very developed now, and it is very convenient for people. Of course, this involves economic pressure. So try to learn to take care of yourself. After all, there are some private affairs that you don’t want outsiders to know. Or you can also raise a guide dog to help do something.


  1. If the visually impaired person asks you for an opinion about an object, please tell him honestly.
  2. When a visually impaired person asks you to read a book, letter or document to him, it is best to read it slowly and clearly.Unless he asks, don’t interrupt and add your opinion.
  3. Visually impaired people can also enjoy movies, TV, and drama. You can tell him the plot and scenes.
  4. Do his eyes, not his hand.What he needs is to “borrow” your eyes and translate them to him through your mouth instead of doing it for him.
  5. Keep explaining to him everything you see.
  6. Constantly telling him about the changes in his surroundings and people.
  7. Let him hold your elbows and follow you, and you always walk halfway in front of him.Instead of walking next to him, staring at him, walking and pushing him away. Otherwise, he will feel very unsafe.
  8. Please stop before going up and down the stairs or avoiding obstacles and let him know.
  9. When you are traveling with a visually impaired person, please tell him the style and price and make a modest suggestion, but he decides
  10. If you find that the visually impaired person has stains or mismatched, please tell him gently and assist him if necessary.

The most important thing is to relax and be natural. Don’t worry too much about what to do. Just let him know that you are sincere to him. If he needs your help, he will let you know. If he thinks he can do it himself, let him do it. Just let him know that you are willing to be with him, he will feel warm and happy.

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