Self-defense and mental health

The strength of the defense mechanism is equal to the strength of personality
Sometimes you can stimulate some patients and see how strong the personality is. If you are a little irritating, he admits that the defense of this person is too weak.
Sometimes you can use a little skill to strengthen the patient’s defense. For example, the therapist is obviously wrong. What do you think should be done? The first way is to admit mistakes. The second way is that when you have a good relationship with the patient, you made a mistake and died without admitting it. This teaches him that sometimes I can not attack myself. Your behavior is to set an example, that is, what if I don’t admit it? But this must be done in a good relationship. This should be applied cautiously.
Using an immature defense mechanism may fail.
The mature defense mechanism is good because it can withstand toss.
Some people divide people into type A personality type B personality, etc. This kind of classification is too simple, and it is easy to flow labeling. The defense mechanism is fluid, not static, but flexible.
Super impedance
Some people come from me to punish by ill, exempting their sense of guilt. To put it bluntly, it is that they are comfortable. He is uncomfortable and uncomfortable. It is a kind of comfort, and the heart is calm. Some people have to live their lives to be uncomfortable. Once they are comfortable, they will feel sorry for people and feel guilty. This impedance is the so-called super-I-impedance.
Psychotherapy must be based on a limited retreat. In other words, we must let him retreat to the state before the age of six, and his empathic content can respond in our relationship. There is no psychoanalysis if there is no retreat. To put it bluntly, the retreat is a weak state. Equivalently, I am not mentally motivated and need you to help me. Do you think that this is a face-lifting thing, almost all patients will find their face after the retreat, for example, he will use the method of attacking you, so that he has a saying after the retreat.
Why do you have a candle in the cafe and you want to put a candle, and there is soft music, which is to promote the retreat. Because the café is used to talk about love, as long as the lighting is soft, everyone can talk about philosophy and feelings. The use of reclining chairs is to promote the retreat of patients, especially those who are highly sensitive, and who is full of brains. But it is not good to go too far, especially for people with marginal personality disorder. He has already retired. If you let him go back, he will sneak in the treatment room.
In addition, all diseases can be used as a retreat. There are a lot of tough people, he needs to get the care of others through real illness, and the disease also has a good function. When he retired to the early stages of development, many of his problems were revealed. In fact, it was a self-protection method that patients developed when they relied on therapists. Give up protection to gain protection from outsiders. I am already like a child at this time, then I will give it to you.
Excessive regression may make progress too slow, for example, if the patient is too dependent on you, there is a problem. There is also a saying that impedance is the performance of the defense mechanism in the treatment process. Excessive regression is a sign of refusal to grow. If you go back to action, it is excessive. For example, if the patient says a doctor, can you hug me? I am sitting on your lap and talking to you. But if she stays at the language level, it will be fine.
Sublimation is the most mature defense mechanism, and the key is to be in harmony with reality. You get yourself, but it’s not in harmony with reality. The so-called mental health is the ability to combine pollution, the lotus is not contaminated by mud, which is typical of illness.
In the West, where the freelance career is selected, some people investigate the firefighter’s instinct’s desire for arson is the strongest, so he has a career to play with fire all day, not only can not go to jail but also can support the family, gain honors and so on. The violent tendency of the police is also the most powerful. It can satisfy the instinctual needs, meet the needs of the superego, and be in harmony with reality. The photographer is the sublimation of voyeuristic desires. Writers are exposed to sublimation and even sublimation. Many people have entered the state of writing with the body, and there are many exposed colors. Surgeons are the sublimation of murderous desires. He is licking a knife on a person and is helping the patient to be healthy. The lawyer is the sublimation of the desire for crime. He constantly defends the criminals and satisfies his desire to be uncondemned after the crime. All art is the sublimation of sexual desire and desire to attack.
Some psychologists say that it is the sublimation of voyeuristic desires, patients will tell you a lot of sensational secrets, others say it is wrong, psychoanalysts should use their enthusiasm to help others to suppress their curiosity, others say it is sublimation of narcissism, To repair the profession of God’s typos, everyone feels that he is not making himself as high as God, and may be higher.
Selfishness is a disease rather than a moral issue. It is a limited ability. If you don’t care, you will ignore others. In China, altruism has always been promoted very much, and it is necessary to prevent excessive altruism.
The old man donated all the money to the Hope Project by picking up the garbage. What do you feel after listening? Today’s lectures let us learn a trick, that is, we will always feel the feelings of others from our feelings. Sad, angry, depressed, sad, I heard the feeling of heart, discomfort, and panic. After listening to this story, this is my counter-transference, right? The discomfort I feel is his, just because he is very uncomfortable, so do good things to balance your own discomfort. If we want to examine his childhood experience, we will definitely find the problem.
We must learn not to guess others, but to see what we feel first. The professional approach is to train yourself into a sophisticated detector, to see what your feelings are.
If we judge, this person is extremely selfish. He enjoys the happiness of charity all the time. Giving others is a condescending feeling. People give him a bun. He is not properly connected. He has to steal it. He does not let others enjoy a little help.
In order to make the conflict between the self and the superego not so fierce, he will ease the conflict between them in a funny or humorous way. There is a difference between funny and humor. Funny is the joke of others. Humor is to get yourself into the middle of jokes, a little self-deprecating. In fact, anything in life can be faced with laughter, including death. Two Jews were in the concentration camp, and the Germans told them that we were going to shoot you out. The two Jews were ready to die. We are not shooting you now, and we are sentenced to hang. When the Germans left, one of the Jews said to another Jew that it appeared that they had no bullets.


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