The importance and necessity of carrying out mental health education

In recent years, due to various changes brought about by social development, the school education and children’s development in China have been impacted and challenged. According to the survey, among the students in China, about one-fifth of the students have different levels of psychological behavior problems, such as tiredness, truancy, theft, lying, cheating, selfishness, self-willedness, poor resistance, attacks, withdrawal, various explicit and implicit psychological behavior problems such as anxiety and depression. These psychological behavior problems not only seriously affect the healthy development of students, but also directly affect the completion of school education tasks and the realization of educational goals. With the advancement of society, people’s understanding of health has become more comprehensive and in-depth, and mental health beyond physical health has become more and more important. Mentally healthy people can always maintain a happy, cheerful, confident, satisfying mood, be good at seeking fun from life, and full of hope for life. More importantly, it has good emotional stability, strong will quality, harmonious interpersonal relationship, active adaptation and transformation of the environment, maintaining the integrity and health of personality, and psychological behavior in line with age characteristics. A person’s psychological behavior often deviates from his age characteristics and is generally a manifestation of psychological unhealthy. At present, there have been many accidents in the country that have caused psychological deviations among primary and secondary school students, which has attracted the attention of the State Education Commission.


  1. Carrying out mental health education is the need to build a harmonious campus and a harmonious society

With the further advancement of the market economy, social competition has become increasingly fierce, which has brought certain psychological pressure to people, especially young people. Conducting mental health education activities can solve various psychological problems of students through emotional communication and emotional counseling. This is of great significance not only for promoting the formation of health psychology and sound personality for young students but also for achieving comprehensive and harmonious development. It is also of great practical significance for promoting the harmony and stability of schools and society and building a modern harmonious campus and harmonious society.

  1. Carrying out mental health education is the need to implement quality education

Good psychological quality is an important part of the overall quality of students. It not only helps people to cope with various challenges and setbacks but also enables people to better develop their potential and adapt naturally and easily to changes in the external environment. Mental health education is also an important part of quality education.

  1. Carrying out mental health education is the need for moral education reform

Mental health education is not only the need for students’ all-round development and sustainable development but also an important part of the reform of moral education. Mental health education not only expands the scope of traditional moral education, moreover, because mental health education is mainly based on prevention and guidance, on the basis of respect, trust and understanding, but it also communicates and communicates with students on an equal basis, creating a free spiritual space for students.

  1. Stabilize society and family harmony

In recent years, more and more reports have made us find that the crime rate of adolescents is increasing year by year. Some students are tired of learning to run away from home, stealing, and robbery. Even worse, kill your own biological parents. From the Ma Jiajue incident of the year to the recent killing of parents, these horrendous incidents have occurred from time to time. These are directly related to their unhealthy psychology. They are all due to a series of psychological problems caused by the lack and offset of their development from small to large personality. If each of us is mentally healthy and has a sound personality, I think that whether it is for the family or for the society, it is one of the important foundations for maintaining harmony and stability.

  1. Can improve learning efficiency

Feelings, perceptions, memories, imaginations, and thoughts are all psychological activities. Each activity also includes more detailed branches, such as feelings and attention, etc. These have scientific research results and are regularly ruled. The learning process of mastering knowledge, forming skills and ethical quality is the practice of students under the regulation and control of these psychological activities. Recognizing these laws can not only avoid daily misunderstandings but also use these rules to develop learning effectiveness to a greater extent. In addition, each age has its physical and mental characteristics, such as the frequency and magnitude of the general mood of high school students in adolescence. If you don’t realize this, some people will think extremely whether they are suddenly abnormal. Some of them may turn into words and actions, cause conflicts, cause interpersonal difficulties, and ultimately affect learning efficiency because they greatly affect the learning mood.

  1. Can promote people’s all-round development

It can help students develop the ability to adapt to the contemporary social environment, fully develop the potential of learning, and gain emotional experience in learning life. Help students understand the physiological and psychological characteristics of adolescence and safely spend adolescence. Help students to correctly understand their interpersonal relationship, correctly handle interactions with other people and other people, and establish positive emotional reactions and experiences for others. Help students improve their ability to withstand setbacks and frustration and form a goodwill and psychological quality. Help students to establish their career aspirations, career choices and psychological preparations based on their ability, strengths, interests, and future social employment conditions.

Mental health is the cornerstone of life development. In the process of life, attitude determines fate, this sentence is no stranger to most people. Mental health can promote people’s all-round development. The psychology of health is the basic requirement for people’s all-round development. It is also an important condition for exerting intellectual level in work, actively engaging in social activities, and continuously developing to a higher level. A person’s mental health status directly affects and restricts the realization of comprehensive development.

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