The technology makes life easier for the blind

For the blind, self-care is very important. Real life is not so optimistic. However, the rapid development of science and technology not only brings about the improvement of the quality of life for normal people but also brings a more convenient life to the blind.

Eat: a piece of software to cook food

A company in Shenzhen has launched their latest research achievement, the intelligent cooking pot. This product is specially designed for the blind. “Blind friends only need to use smartphones to select dishes, and put the ingredients and spices into the pot once, and wait for ten minutes to enjoy the food.” Originally, in order to facilitate the blind people to cook, the company not only developed a smart pot that “doesn’t touch, doesn’t paste and doesn’t overflow” and can be automatically stir-fried. At the same time, it also developed a matching smart APP (application software) system, as long as the mobile phone is installed with this app, you can control the smart pot to make the food you want. The software collects cooking data and configures the cooking data that has been tested several times according to the properties of the ingredients, which fully guarantees the delicacy of the meals. And big data also includes a variety of Chinese cooking techniques such as frying, frying, frying, blasting, steaming, branding, and simmering. The cooking big data is transferred to the intelligent cooking pot, which not only allows it to automatically stir-fry but also can control the temperature independently. When the blind people cook, they not only ensure their own safety but also enhance the taste of the dishes.

The Coca-Cola Company has launched a Braille bottle. In 2011, Coca-Cola name bottle activities were carried out simultaneously in more than 80 countries around the world, and countless people around the world received Coca-Cola cans of their own names; but there are such a group of people who can’t see their names. Because the world can’t be seen, the blind loses a lot of fun in life. However, in this Coca-Cola “Share a coke” event, they are no longer absent. Just in February of this year, the Coca-Cola Company’s Mexican Joint Blind Charity Organization did something that made people happy— Launched the Braille Bottle Project, created Braille on Coca-Cola cans, and allowed blind friends to have their own name cans.

Wear: A “watch” allows the blind to recognize the color of the clothes

I believe that many blind people will encounter such troubles when they are picking clothes— What color are the clothes in my hand? Yuanmeng Technology Co., Ltd. has brought a blind color-sensitive watch to completely solve this problem. The company manager told reporters about the basic structure and principle of the product: The front end of the watch has a probe that converts the light signal into a voice signal, reads the color of the object being measured, and then informs the blind person. He said: “In addition to identifying the color of the clothes, it can also identify shoes, hats, walls, and timekeeping functions.” 

The reporter wore this watch, the overall feeling is particularly light, like the weight of the electronic watch. The “dial” is not round, it is a small square, three buttons are set in the lower part of the dial, one is the system setting button, one is the timekeeping button, and the other is the color recognition button. There is a “small hole” at the front end of the watch. The blind person only needs to align the hole with the clothing to be recognized and press the identification button, and the watch will report the color.

Live: Humanized design helps blind people solve life “little things”

At present, many blind people are multiple disabilities, not only have obstacles in their vision but also have problems in hearing, mental and intellectual aspects. The blind products for this show have a variety of products that fully consider the needs of multiple disabled people and are humanized products for multiple disabled people. For example mini flash doorbell.

This product works through the wireless signal transmitter on the doorbell transmitter panel and the wireless signal receiver of the flash vibrator. It converts the electrical signal into a voice signal, presses the doorbell transmitter button, and the flash vibrator alerts the blind person with hearing impairment by vibration. For a healthy person, knowing if someone knocks at the door outside the house is a trivial matter. But for blind people with multiple disabilities, it is an insurmountable gap. It is precisely because of the full humanized design concept that such accessory products can be continuously introduced. 

Walk: A smartphone leads the blind travel accessible

Travel is always a high wall that causes their lives to be closed. The reporter found in the exhibition that a blind smartphone launched by a company is clearing the way for blind people to travel without barriers. The smartphone not only has the functions of voice broadcast, voice recognition, and listening to books, but also can quickly open the guide navigation system. According to the developer, a guide system is a software that guides blind travel. It can not only design travel routes for the blind, but also remind the blind people how far the bus is to be traveled from them, and whether the purpose of the set deviates.

In addition to the guide system, the phone is also compatible with the accessibility of third-party software. For example Didi taxi, We chat, QQ, Alipay, etc., and the built-in screen reading software of the mobile phone, the whole process of voice-free operation, the voice will never be lost. These provide more convenience for blind travel.

In addition, the artistic accomplishment of the blind can’t be ignored. 3D technology allows the blind to experience art with their fingertips.

Perhaps the blind can’t see the famous paintings with their eyes, but this doesn’t prevent them from enjoying the great works. Recently, a company in New York has printed famous paintings with 3D printers, allowing blind people to experience them with their fingers. In order to enhance the experience of the experience, the company also installed sensors on the painting. When the blind people touch these paintings, they will hear a voice prompt telling them what part of the painting they are touching.

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